Making Microbiology easier

About MicroEeze

MicroEeze is the distributor of global leading brands - Hy Laboratories, Romer Labs and Solar Biologicals, in all the regions of Southern Africa.

Our range of products provide:

  • On-site testing solutions through our easy-to use Microbiological Test Kits
  • Laboratory solutions through our Prepared Media in bottled format or petri dishes, ELISA test kits; Lateral flow devices; Reference materials etc.
  • Sampling solutions through our easy-to-use sterile specimen collection and surface-sampling sampling kits

We provide solutions to the following industries:

  • Laboratories (in-house and independent)
  • Foodstuffs industry (manufacturing, processing and distribution)
  • Feed industry
  • Agricultural commodities
  • Cosmetics industry
  • Packaging and related industries

Laboratory Solutions

MicroEeze provides a range of prepared media and test kits for use in Laboratories.

The advantages of procuring prepared media include:

  • Improved consistency and quality of product
  • Built-in testing and validation of products and processes
  • A validated and stable shelf-life of all products
  • Cost effective product options that aren’t always viable for in-house manufacturing
  • A wide variety of packaging available for effective transport and storage

On-Site Testing Solutions

MicroEeze brings you a range of on-site testing solutions from leading brands – Hy Laboratories and Romer Labs.

Our on-site testing solutions include:

  • Hygiene Monitoring dipslides
  • Environmental Monitoring dipslides
  • Pathogen dipslides (incl. Listeria, Salmonella, E.coli, Staphylococcus and S. aureus)
  • Allergen Lateral Flow tests
  • Mycotoxin Lateral Flow tests

On-site testing solutions are:

  • Easy-to use – no special training required
  • Time saving – the test kits requires no or very little advance preparation, with quick results
  • No special equipment required – only an incubator required for Pathogen incubation
  • Economical – the ready-to use test kits eliminates the use of swabbing, plate pouring, counting, external services and labour costs
  • Manufactured under stringent conditions to ensure stringent quality standards and ensuring results are as reliable as conventional methods

Surface Sampling Solutions

Solar Biologicals, a subsidiary of Romer Labs, brings you easy-to-use sterile specimen collection and surface sampling kits for quality control and identification of hazards at critical control points in food production and livestock farming applications.

The environment is a principal source of microbiological contamination within a food processing facility. At the same time, in livestock farming, the environment can indicate whether a farm safety program is functioning as it should. Environmental testing has therefore become a crucial part of any food and feed safety program. With a strong focus on environmental testing, Romer Labs provides a broad range of sampling solutions covering both food production and livestock farming applications.