Mycotoxins are secondary metabolites of molds, contaminating a wide range of crop plants and fruits. Such contaminated crops are toxic to humans and animals, and hence, a major health issue for the consumer.

To ensure food and feed safety, more than 100 countries have established regulations for mycotoxins in food and feed. Consequently, reliable and efficient mycotoxin testing solutions are paramount.

With over 30 years of experience in this field, Romer Labs offers the most comprehensive portfolio of mycotoxin testing solutions.

AgraStrip®Lateral Flow Devices

The AgraStrip® test kits are ready-to-use lateral flow devices (LFD) for on-site testing. These allow a rapid analysis of a wide range of food and feed samples with a assay time of 3 minutes.

The test kits are available in a qualitative or quantitative format. While qualitative LFDs can be read visually, quantitative tests are used with the AgraVision™ reader, to provide objective results and secure a consistent results documentation.

The test kits come complete with strips, antibody coated microwells, an assay buffer, pipette tips and Whirl-Pak® bags.

NEW: Fast and reliable water-based mycotoxin test kits

AgraStrip® WATEX® product line – our extended line of water-based mycotoxin test kits that enable the testing for multiple mycotoxins from the same sample extract.


Item No. Quantitation Range Limit of Detection No. of Tests
AgraStrip® Total Aflatoxin qualitative
COKAS11002 cut-off 4 ppb 24
COKAS1100U2 cut-off 4 ppb 24
COKAS12001 cut-off 10 ppb 24
COKAS1200U1 cut-off 10 ppb 24
COKAS10001 cut-off 20 ppb 24
COKAS1000U1 cut-off 20 ppb 24


AgraStrip® Aflatoxin M1
COKAS1500A4 0 – 600 ppt 43 ppt 24


AgraStrip® WATEX® Total Aflatoxin
COKAS1600WS4 (10 g extraction) 0 – 500 ppb 3.31 ppb 24
COKAS1600W1,4 (50 g extraction) 0 – 500 ppb 3.31 ppb 24


AgraStrip® WATEX® Deoxynivalenol
COKAS4000WS4 (10 g extraction) 0 – 30 000 ppb 150 ppb (wheat)
100 ppb (corn)
COKAS4000W(50 g extraction) 0 – 30 000 ppb 150 ppb (wheat)
100 ppb (corn)


AgraStrip® WATEX® Zearalenone
COKAS5000WS1,4 (10 g extraction) 0 – 1000 ppb 30 ppb 24
COKAS5000W4 (50 g extraction) 0 – 1000 ppb 30 ppb 24


AgraStrip® Total Fumonisin
COKAS3000A1,4 0 – 5000 ppb 190 ppb 24


AgraStrip® WATEX® Total Fumonisin
COKAS3000WS4 (10 g extraction) 0 – 30 000 ppb 150 ppb 24
COKAS3000W1,4 (50 g extraction) 0 – 30 000 ppb 150 ppb 24

1USDA/GIPSA approved
2Japanese Department of Agriculture approved
3AOAC RI approved
4AgraVisionTM Reader

Item No. Product
Readers for Result Quantification
EQASR1000 AgraVisionTM with Printer
EQASR1003 AgraVisionTM
EQASR1010 AgraVisionTM Set-Up with Reader, Printer, Incubator, Tweezer