Fast and Reliable Test Kits for Food Allergen Detection

Food allergens represent an ever-present risk for individuals with allergies. Using reliable test kits to accurately detect potential allergen contaminations has become a critical necessity for food producers.

Romer Labs offers the most complete portfolio of allergen test kits for the qualitative (AgraStrip®) and quantitative (AgraQuant®) analysis of food allergens. These tests can be used for different applications, and cover all steps in the food production process:

  • Testing of raw materials and finished food samples
  • Analysis of rinse waters (as part of cleaning validation)
  • Detection of allergens in environmental swab samples

The allergen test kits can be easily implemented into routine analysis as part of an allergen management plan within a HACCP-concept. The simple test format makes it easy for a smooth workflow to be maintained on-site as well as in the lab.

Protect your business and brand

Food safety is directly linked to the quality of the test kit. Romer Labs uses a broad range of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies to meet the highest quality demands. Our sensitive tests can detect allergens in the low ppm or even ppb range. Early detection of allergen contaminations can prevent unnecessary and costly allergen-related recalls which often are associated with significant financial losses and a tarnished reputation.

 AgraStrip®Lateral Flow Devices

 The AgraStrip® allergen test kits are ready-to-use lateral flow devices (LFD) for on-site testing. These immunological tests allow a rapid analysis of a wide range of food samples within only 11 minutes(including extraction).

AgraStrip® LFDs represent a fast and simple qualitative strip test method in which specific antibodies labelled with colloidal gold are used for visual colour development at a test and control zone.

The test kits come complete with strips, antibody coated incubation vials, extraction tubes, an extraction buffer, surface swabs and additional accessories.


Item No. No. of Tests
AgraStrip® Almond
COKAL0710AS 10


AgraStrip® Beta-Lactoglobulin
COKAL1010AS 10


AgraStrip® Brazil Nut
COKAL1710AS 10


AgraStrip® Casein
COKAL1210AS 10



AgraStrip® Wine Extraction Buffer (Casein)


AgraStrip® Crustacea
COKAL2210AS 10


AgraStrip® Cashew/ Pistachio
COKAL1310AS 10


AgraStrip® Egg
COKAL1810AS 10



AgraStrip® Wine Extraction Buffer (Egg)


AgraStrip® Gluten G12TM
COKAL0200AS* 10


AgraStrip® Gluten
COKAL0210AS 10


AgraStrip® Hazelnut
COKAL0310AS 10


AgraStrip® Lupin
COKAL1510AS 10


AgraStrip® Macadamia Nut
COKAL1610AS 10


AgraStrip® Milk
COKAL2410AS 10


AgraStrip® Mustard
COKAL2110AS 10


AgraStrip® Peanut
COKAL0110AS 10


AgraStrip® Sesame
COKAL1910AS 10


AgraStrip® Soy
COKAL0410AS 10


AgraStrip® Extraction Reagent for Processed Soy


AgraStrip® Walnut
COKAL0910AS 10

* performance tested by AOAC: AOAC-RI Approval 061403